Capturing wonder, humor, and depth

Perspective Matters.

There are beautiful nuances in the story you’re telling. Whether through polished shots, candid moments, or fine creative expressions, the essence of each unique personality, experience, and flair remains the heart of my projects. 

My name is Taylor May...

And I want to take your photo! Let's work together to bring your vision to life. I am based in East Tennessee and specialize in documentary, portrait, and lifestyle photography. 

The world often insists we rush furiously onward, but this moment matters. Whether subtly in a polished studio portrait or vibrantly in a candid moment, I hope my photos can be a welcome respite to absorb under-appreciated facets: wisps of baby hair, a momentary expression, a movement so quick otherwise undetectable.

Perhaps these photos will provide an opportunity for you to pause long enough to thoroughly think and feel, whether the subject be you, a stranger, your dog, or the earth. Through exercising my attentiveness, the act of documenting the past draws me (and perhaps us)  to the present. I aim to bring this spirit to each session. 

In addition to my passion, I have a strong eye for detail (sharpened not only by photography but also by over a decade in neuroscience), a sensitivity to delicate situations, and an ability to command elevated, well-rounded experiences for customers.

I can't wait to work with you! <3

With love,  TM

p.s. I am pro-laughter. I love my husband and my dogs with big love.





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